Integration vision system to your robotic cell.
Giving eyes to your robot
Whether your project involves varied component types or complex geometrical details, our vision-integrated robotic solutions optimize your production processes.

Based on the specifications of your robotic cell, we offer tailored vision technology options, including stereo vision systems, 3D laser scanners, or straightforward RGB cameras.
For projects requiring detailed capture of complex shapes and sizes, 3D laser scanning is the best option, capturing high-quality data with high precision.

We integrate the vision system directly onto the robot as an end-effector, configuring all necessary settings depending on your environment surroundings and optimize robot's path to ensure efficient components and structures scanning.
Utilizing our software, we conduct quality inspections of the components. Any discrepancies or human-factor errors are immediately identified and reported, ensuring high standards of quality and reducing the possibility of errors.
Simultaneously with inspection process, our software gathers essential information from the vision system, informing the assembly robot which part to pick up and where to place it.

All operations are managed through a user-friendly interface, where information is conveniently displayed on screen.
How to implement a robot
The process of launching robotic projects
Development of technical specifications, automation of processes, software development for the client's tasks
Simulation of the future robotic complex, identification of bottlenecks
The equipment and components are delivered before the customer's production
Launch and training
Commissioning, programming, technology rollback, staff training