EVA 2.0 Robotic welding complex

Steel beam assembly and welding in one click
We increase the efficiency of enterprises with the industrial robots
EVA 2.0 is a robotic complex for assembly and welding steel beams which developed for structural steel fabrication shops.
Complex consists of:
  1. Assembly robot
  2. Welding robot
  3. Quick tool change
  4. Rotator
  5. Flipper for parts
  6. Dynamic software compatible with Tekla
Scanning parts and beams
Assembly robot
Pick and palce
Welding column
Welding robot
Station mill
Tacks + welding
2 types of magnets
Parts flipper
Высокая повторяемость
3 types of magnets
Quick tool change system
Pneumatic tool change
Increases the efficiency of beam assembly and welding by excluding the crane beam from the process.
How to implement a robot
The process of launching robotic projects
Development of technical specifications, automation of processes, software development for the client's tasks
Simulation of the future robotic complex, identification of bottlenecks
The equipment and components are delivered before the customer's production
Launch and training
Commissioning, programming, technology rollback, staff training